Create, Deliver, Lead

Create your courses, Deliver efficiently and Lead the Industry

With our Learning Management System, we empower you to be the best coaching and training business.

We help you take your coaching and training business to the next level with UPGUAGE. With our intuitive and powerful system, you can deliver training like never before, at a fraction of a cost.


Create your courses

Create your courses on white-labelled (your own branded) LMS which is linked to your company domain and websites. Market and sell the courses with integrated eCommerce features.

  • White-labelled web portal and mobile apps
  • Link your own domain
  • Create unlimited courses and users
  • Link your existing website
  • eCommerce features

Deliver efficiently

Deliver your courses online in blended mode with uploaded content and scheduled live/virtual classes. You can upload variety formats content and your content is highly safe and secure.

  • Access and train from anywhere, anytime
  • No matter which device you use
  • Integrate with Zoom or WebEx
  • Integrate with your partner portals
  • Online Assessments with accurate statistics

Lead the Industry

No matter which industry you are from, our integrated modules will help you to be the Top Player by providing the accurate analysis to improve the training quality on daily basis.

  • Accurate analysis from Course start to finish
  • Student and Tutor Management
  • Online Assessment and Digital Certification
  • End to End Lead Management
  • Integrate payment gateways

Your Training Made Better

UPGUAGE simplifies the process of creating comprehensive and engaging trainings that are targeted at your audience's needs and delivers them in a clear and efficient manner.


Build your Brand

Use our readily available templates to launch your website and build your brand.

  • White-labelled portal
  • Link with custom domain
  • Landing page for individual course/service
  • Third-party integrations
  • Integrated eCommerce module

Our Other Products

Our in-built marketing and sales tools helps to grow your audience and increase revenue.


Assessment Management System

Upguage Exams Management System(EMS) is a complete evaluation portal and cutting-edge technology solution that provides reliable and accurate assessments in a variety of fields such as education, training, and employment.


Project Management System

Upguage Project Management System enables the Skill Development Training Partners / PIA’s to automate the processes of SDMS life cycle from student mobilization to post placement tracking.


Campus Management System

Upguage Campus Management System(CMS) a state-of-the-art product which encompasses and caters in digitalizing all the institutional services. This suite has been designed in providing in-depth analysis of the services in addition to students performance in lines with Outcome Based Education.


Employee Management System (HRM)

With Upguage Employee Management System(EMS) track your employee attendance by enabling geotagging and geofencing. Employees can report to work by punching into the attendance system at the start of the day and punching out at the end of the day. Make your payroll an easy way with automatic reports.


Survey Management System

Upguage Survey Management System(SMS) delivers online surveys globally to ensure your survey reaches just the right audience and provides the most cost effective and quickest survey results.


Document Management System

Upguage Document Management System(DMS) helps to create, store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based documents. It allows to capture, distribute, and edit the documents with versioning and channel workflows.

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