About Us

Upguage carefully watch general economic conditions to anticipate buying patterns. Upguage understand the demand for business products is based on derived demand and derived demand is demand that springs from, or is derived from, a source other than the primary buyer of a product.

Upguage Solutions understand the growing needs of the perpetuating industries and constantly engage in providing customized solutions for various organizations, educational and training institutes, Project Implementation agencies and other Government organizations to streamline working process and optimize the output.

Upguage offer diverse range of services that caters to the needs of different sectors of an institution/organization which directly influence the consumers.

The noticeable behavioral and needs-based segments that emerge in business-to-business markets are frequently similar across different industries.

We offer
  • Cutting-edge tools and services for various entities.
  • Offer tailor-made solutions for organizations, educational institutions and PIAs as per the requirements.
  • Online and offline assessments customized solutions made available for clients to choose as per the client convenience.
  • State-of-the-art solutions for inventory management.
  • Advanced analytics tools.
  • Offline proctoring, enabled for areas that do not have access to internet.

Upguage market segments often resemble.

A quality and brand-focused segment, which wants the best possible product and is prepared to pay for it. Companies in this segment often work to high margins, are medium-sized or large, and regard the product/service as of high strategic importance.

A service-focused segment, which has high requirements in terms of product quality and range, but also in terms of after sales, delivery, etc. Companies tend to work in time-critical industries and can be small, medium or large, usually purchasing relatively high volumes.

A price-focused segment, which has a transactional outlook of doing business. Companies in this segment are often small, working on low margins.

A partnership-focused segment, consisting of key accounts, which seeks trust and reliability and regards the supplier as a strategic partner.

Upguage meet the target audience’s needs to ensure that the product, services, and intangibles meet and exceed customers’ requirements.