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Create your courses, Deliver efficiently and Lead the Industry

With our Learning Management System, we empower you to be the best coaching and training business.

We help you take your coaching and training business to the next level with UPGUAGE. With our intuitive and powerful system, you can deliver training like never before, at a fraction of a cost.



Create your courses

Create your courses on white-labelled (your own branded) LMS which is linked to your company domain and websites. Market and sell the courses with integrated eCommerce features.

  • White-labelled web portal and mobile apps
  • Link your own domain
  • Create unlimited courses and users
  • Link your existing website
  • eCommerce features

Deliver efficiently

Deliver your courses online in blended mode with uploaded content and scheduled live/virtual classes. You can upload variety formats content and your content is highly safe and secure.

  • Access and train from anywhere, anytime
  • No matter which device you use
  • Integrate with Zoom or WebEx
  • Integrate with your partner portals
  • Online Assessments with accurate statistics

Lead the Industry

No matter which industry you are from, our integrated modules will help you to be the Top Player by providing the accurate analysis to improve the training quality on daily basis.

  • Accurate analysis from Course start to finish
  • Student and Tutor Management
  • Online Assessment and Digital Certification
  • End to End Lead Management
  • Integrate payment gateways

Content Management

Your training content management made easier

Whether you have just started out or are an established player in the industry, UPGUAGE offers extensive features for all levels of experience. Our intuitive interface and easy-to follow instructions make it a breeze to create content on any device.

  • Supports variety formats of content like eBooks, Presentations, videos and quizzes
  • SCORM compliant
  • Highly secured
  • Download restrictions
  • Advanced authoring tools

Exam Management

A simple and comprehensive online examination management for your internal and external assessment needs.

It automates all the examination processes related to building the question bank, assigning a question paper, adding the examination eligibility, executing the exam and publishing the results.

  • Create Assessments in no time
  • Supports multiple quiz formats
  • Automate the exam schedules
  • Auto generated certification
  • Accurate statistics to measure the student performance
Exam Management
Live class

Live Classes

Combine your training with live classes that allows live interaction between the students and trainers.

  • Integrate with Zoom, WebEx and GoTo Meeting
  • Schedule and manage live classes
  • Interactive tools to engage students
  • Access to archived classes
  • Manage attendance

Users and Roles

Define your own roles, set permissions for those, and create a hierarchy with unlimited levels.

  • Set department wise responsibility
  • Prevent users from sensitive data
  • Setup restrictions to add, view or modify data
  • Improve productivity
  • Manage workflow with ease
Certificate Management

Certificate Management

Platform makes certifications effortless. All you need to do is add new courses/certificates. We take care of the rest for you.

  • Create rules for certification
  • Use your own certificate template
  • QR code for verification
  • Map student competencies
  • Encrypted student data with high security


A perfect solution to monetize your eLearning content.

With an integrated LMS eCommerce module, it is easy for you to sell courses and offers a hassle-free buying experience to the learners.

  • Landing pages
  • Lead management
  • Complete eCommerce flow
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Online/Offline payment collection
Rich Communication Tools

Rich Communication Tools

Upguage LMS provides various communication tools, to keep the learners engaged and make the training-learning process interactive.

  • Discussion forum
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Event calendars
  • Integrated Survey tool
  • Notifications and reminders

Content Security

Understanding that data safety is one of the primary concerns for any training academy, the Upguage LMS solution ensures your valuable data is completely safe and is accessible to only authorized users.

  • Single login restriction
  • Role based restrictions
  • Download restriction
  • Data encryption
  • Authenticated access
Reports and Analysis

Reports and Analysis

Understanding that online training courses need effective evaluation, built-in reports of Upguage LMS fulfil your reporting and analysis requirements. As a result, you can find the gaps in training quality and take measures to improve quality.

  • Course wise analysis
  • Accurate analysis of student performance
  • Financial reports
  • MIS reports
  • Marketing reports

Build your Brand

Use our readily available templates to launch your website and build your brand.

  • White-labelled portal
  • Link with custom domain
  • Landing page for individual course/service
  • Third-party integrations
  • Integrated eCommerce module

Add on Features

Leads, made easy

Leads Management

Our Leads Management & Call Center feature allows you to quickly and easily track, monitor, and convert leads into admissions with the help of an integrated call center solution.

  • Lead capturing from various sources.
  • Lead follow-up mechanism.
  • Integrated call centermodule.
  • Leads and Agentmonitoring.
  • Automated notifications at every stage.

Transport Management

Keep track of student transport schedules and destinations in a secure platform. Assign vehicles to routes, monitor driver activity, manage bus tracking and more from a single dashboard.

  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Route map allocation
  • Integrated Finance module
  • Vehicle Management – Documents, Condition and service dates
  • Notifications to Staff, students and parents
Transport Management System
Library Management System

Library Management

Our Library Management feature offers automated library services for a smooth functioning of library operations like book borrowing and returning, book search, etc., thus eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

  • Barcode creation for books.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Student visit capturing.
  • Books borrowing mechanism.
  • Books availability check for Staff & Students.
  • Publish journals& magazines.

Event Management

We provide a complete suite of features for organizing all college events ranging from placements to fests with our Events & Ceremonies Management feature. You can also keep your students updated with timely announcements and notifications.

  • Event creation and invitations.
  • Placement drives management.
  • Automated notifications on upcoming events.
  • Online access to staff and students.
  • Hosts and Employer management.
Placements Events Ceremonies & Fest

Marketing Tools

Our in-built marketing and sales tools helps to grow your audience and increase revenue.

Lead management

Manage your leads and sales pipeline from one unified dashboard.

Online/Offline payment collection

Faster and easier payment processing

Built-in SEO features

Help your brand name rank higher with the best SEO features

Email and WhatsApp integration

Offer a personalized experience and relationship with every customer

Discount coupons

Offer discount coupons for individual products

ROI Analysis

Spend your marketing budget efficiently with accurate ROI analysis

Student Engagement

Upguage is the most comprehensive, customizable student engagement platform that ensures students never miss a class again.

  • Study smarter with live classes
    live classes are perfect for those who need that one-on-one attention to master tough concepts.
  • Reminders
    We'll send you reminders on the days that you need them, so you never have to worry about keeping track of your studies.
  • Discussion Forums
    One on one discussions with other likeminded learners for a more interactive learning experience.
  • Quizzes
    Quizzes to help the learner test their understanding of the lesson.
  • Assignments
    Assignments help you reinforce what you learn
  • Progress report
    Progress reports for the learner to track their performance and identify areas of improvement.


Our LMS integrates well with the most popular payment gateways, WhatsApp, SMS messages.


Enterprise Modules

Upguage is more that eLearning portal, we offer variety services helps training academies,

  • Exam Management System
  • Academic Project Management System
  • Campus Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Survey Management System
  • Library Management System
  • HR Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Travel Management System

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